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Alison Schofield

I am an illustrator from Manchester specialising in highly detailed Gothic ink illustration. My portfolio features illustration for children’s books, film, editorial, publishing and an album cover.

Alongside my commercial illustration work I also work on private commissions and my own self-initiated artwork, which has been exhibited across the UK. I view each of my personal works as an illustration to an ‘as yet’ unwritten story, and with all of my work - commissioned and personal I aim to create an image that encapsulates and enhances the distinct atmosphere of that moment in the story. Within the intricate detail of each piece I often hide subtle indications to the rest of the story, creating a visual exploration for the viewer in which there is always something new to find.

I have been creating illustrations with every spare minute for as long as I can remember, but before delving into my true calling as an illustrator and artist I studied Archaeology and Anthropology, and then Art History at The University of Manchester. Following this I worked in galleries, an auction house and then in business.

When not drawing and painting I enjoy reading fiction (I’m currently halfway through Margaret Atwood’s books), watching historical documentaries and exploring remote parts of the countryside with my partner. When not doing any of these it's guaranteed I'll be enjoying a strong cup of Yorkshire tea. I have a bit of a dependence on caffeine, but that's something that seems to run in the family.



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'Black + White' St Paul's Worthing - August - September 2017

'WAOH 2017 Showcase' St Paul's Worthing - July - August 2017

'Venue 37' Worthing Artists Open Houses - June - July 2017

'Open 16' Worthing Museum & Art Gallery - October 2016 - March 2017

'Black & Blue' Kraak Gallery, Manchester - November 2012



'A5 Magazine' - August 2017 issue

'Average Art' - July 2017 issue



To see my work in progress, new illustrations and my personal doodling, check out my Instagram at alisonschofieldillustration:






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