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Alison Schofield

I am an Illustrator from Manchester, now living between the North and sunny Worthing on the South Coast. I specialise in detailed black and white ink illustration, but I also work with coloured ink, especially for younger children’s and historical illustration. For younger children’s picture books I usually work in a simpler, brighter style, and for middle grade publishing and older I use a more detailed and darker style. My portfolio features fairy tale, fantasy, Gothic, urban and historical illustration.

I have been drawing with every spare minute for as long as I can remember, but before delving into my true calling as an Illustrator I studied Archaeology and Anthropology, and then Art History at The University of Manchester. Following this I worked in galleries, an auction house and then in business. 

When not drawing and painting I enjoy reading fiction (usually books with a darker edge - Margaret Atwood has been my firm favourite for a few years now), and exploring remote parts of the countryside with my partner. When not doing any of these it's guaranteed I'll be enjoying a strong cup of Yorkshire tea. I have a bit of a dependence on caffeine, but that's something that seems to run in the family.



'Black + White' St Paul's Worthing - August - September 2017

'WAOH 2017 Showcase' St Paul's Worthing - July - August 2017

'Venue 37' Worthing Artists Open Houses - June - July 2017

The Studio at the Lido, Worthing - March - April 2017

'Open 16' Worthing Museum & Art Gallery - October 2016 - March 2017

'Black & Blue' Kraak Gallery, Manchester - November 2012



'A5 Magazine' - August 2017 issue

'Average Art' - July 2017 issue



To see my work in progress, new illustrations and my personal doodling, check out my Instagram at alisonschofieldillustration:






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